About Cleveland Tech Consulting

Sarah Dutkiewicz headshot

Founded in 2011, Cleveland Tech Consulting was created out of necessity. Sarah Dutkiewicz needed a way to break out on my own professionally, and since she was already known for Cleveland Tech Events and tracking the technical community, the name Cleveland Tech Consulting seemed to follow suit.  Cleveland Tech Consulting was registered with the IRS in 2011.

As of April 2017, Cleveland Tech Consulting is able to handle federal contracts.  Our first federal contract was with NASA Glenn for hosting the International Space Apps Challenge at NASA Glenn in 2017.  Event planning for the technical space is an arena we thrive in.

Our specialties include:

  • Technical Event Planning and Social Media Management
  • Technical Training and Curriculum Development
  • Technical Mentoring
  • Transitioning Bootcamp Graduates into the Workplace
  • Transitioning New Tech Leads into a Leadership Role
  • Bridging Gaps Between Development and Other Teams (Business Analysts / QA / IT / Security / HR / Accounting / Executives)

View us in action on our Videos page.

About the Logo

Outline of Cleveland skyline, filled in with red, green, and blue gears

The logo was created by Sabrina Spangler. When creating the logo, she had to deal with a few requests:

  • Cleveland skyline – Sarah is a native Clevelander and will always be connected to Cleveland. So it was important to capture some part of Cleveland.
  • Gears – Sarah graduated from the Computer Science & Engineering Technology program at the University of Toledo. Gears remind her of the engineering background she carries as well as a symbol of moving things. She is one who doesn’t sit still and is instrumental in making things move. Gears were important elements to capture.
  • Color – Sarah works in technology, where colors tend to be dark, dreary, greyscale, and boring. If you meet Sarah in person, you know that she is bright, happy, and enjoy colors when she can. Sarah loves blues and greens, and red is a color of power. So she was very happy with the colors Sabrina chose.